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Started in June 2011, is a one-stop portal for sports enthusiasts to locate sporting venues, make bookings, organise games and connect with other players online.

To enable sports enthusiasts to locate sporting venues easily, our Team have an ambitious aim to gather all sporting venues in Malaysia under one sports portal. And, if ever possible, we aim to put in place an online booking feature to facilitate the booking process for these sporting venues.

As for game organisation and connectivity with other players, we are putting in place the following key features:


Host a Game

A feature to enable a user (the Host) to invite other players to join his / her regular sporting sessions. The Host will be able to view the basic information of players (e.g. skill level, age, activities etc.) to decide whether to accept requests to join his / her regular games.

Join a Game

On the flip side to Host a Game, this feature will allow sports enthusiasts to look for hosted games to join. He/she will be able to select a game based on location, average skill level and who is already in the gaming session. 


To make things more exciting for those who are a little but more competitive, we will put in place a challenge feature, where players can form their own teams to and challenge other teams.  Players will be able to submit their scores at participating venues, and these scores will be published online on – an ultimate bragging rights!


And to top all that, we will be organising sporting events of our own leagues, tournaments / competitions for Badminton, Tennis, Basketball etc.

Event organisers - if you would like your events to be featured in, please contact us at


If you have any feedback or would like to contribute any ideas to our website, please feel free to email us at