Squash is a much loved sport in Malaysia. It is interesting to note how quickly the interest for this sport grew. What is even more interesting is that we’re actually home to the world’s #1 woman squash player, Nicol David. Having a world champion in our midst has certainly made the sport more popular, with many indulging in this vigorous and exhilarating sport.

As squash gears towards becoming the popular choice of Malaysians, we at SportsCentral want to encourage the growth of the sport with an easy and convenient outlet to play. SportsCentral aims to create a platform for Squash players to organise their games, challenge others and get their games published online (for FREE).

We are currently enlisting Squash venue providers who want to be a part of our project where they will be provided with, at minimum, inclusion in the directory listing in our website. We hope to garner participation from all venue providers.

We currently have:
If you own a Squash court or know someone who does, please let us have your / their contact details. We will contact the relevant parties as soon as possible to expand our venue coverage. Please email us at, providing the following basic information:
i.  Contact person (preferably the owners or person in charge of the venue) 
ii. Contact number 
iii. Contact email 
iv. Venue location / address
Thank you and have fun using our website!