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Terms & Conditions

1) All bookings are done on a best effort basis. We cannot guarantee the availability of the venues booked. To increase the chances of availability for bookings, please adhere to the general booking terms below.

Sport Advanced booking
(No. of days *)
Badminton 7
Tennis 7
Futsal 7
Golf 3

2) Cancellation of booking must be made [*] days prior to game day to be eligible for a full refund. No refund will be given if cancellation is made after [*] days prior to game day.

3) Sports Central assumes all players to be viligant and responsible when joining a game, hosting a game or creating a challenge.

4) Sports Central will not be held liable for any losses or damages suffered as a result from using our services.

5) All personal information provided by members of Sports Central will be kept private and will not be made public unless stated otherwise. Please read our Privacy Policy.

6) All members are only allowed one profile on Sports Central.

7) Sports Central reserves the right to remove any content, images or information that we deem inappropriate that infringes or violates someone else’s right or otherwise violates the law.