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At, we aim to provide users with as much information as possible on sporting venues.  To search for venues, click on ‘Browse Venues”.  There are 2 categories of venues listed on our website, the ‘Basic’ and the ‘Participating Venues’.


‘Participating Venues’ are basically venues which have chosen to advertise on our website and they are marked with a red ball beside their names. Full details of these venues can be viewed at our website, e.g their location, rates and contact details. Certain features of our website - e.g the 'Challenge Feature' will only be made available to these participating venues.

Example of Participating Venue profile page:

‘Basic’ venue will have the basic information on the venue, i.e. its name, location, address, and where available, the contact numbers listed on our website.  Do note that the information on the Basic veis researched and extracted from the Internet and we do not warrant the accuracy of the information.


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To book a venue / court, you can do the following:
  1. Call direct – use our directory to find the contact details and location of venues
  2. Pay online directly to the venue using the venue’s own online payment portal *
           *    Only available to certain venues

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Host A Game
Hosting a game will allow others to view and request to join your game. If you are ever short of players, you can host your game on our portal and players will be able to request or contact you if they are interested in joining your hosted session.

Join A Game

On the flip side to 'Host a Game', players who are looking to join others can use the 'Join A Game' feature on our website. Filter the hosted games by location, age group, date, day etc. to match your preference.

Click on 'Join Game' and your request will be automatically sent to the host of the session and hopefully you will get a respond as soon as possible.

You can also check out the profiles of players who are already in that session.



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The challenge feature allows you and your team to challenge other teams, and have the scores published online at

These are the steps your need to do to challenge others:

1. Form a team (minimum [2] players)
2a. Search for another existing team on our website to post a ‘Direct Challenge’; or
2b. Search for an ‘Open Challenge’ from other teams and request for a challenge; or
2c. Post an ‘Open Challenge’ to our bulletin and wait for other challengers to respond
3. Play the game at our Participating Venues (scores upload only open to Participating Venues)
4. Complete the scoresheet online – Challenger Team / Challenged Team leader may submit the score
5. The score will be published online, once both the Challenger Team and Challenged Team leaders verified the score.



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Our Team is currently developing the following features:

(i) A new listing directory for sports shop - soon you will be able to find the nearest sport shop near your location;

(ii) discussion forums; and

(iii) trading post ~ allowing you to buy/sell/trade merchandise online


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